Way, way after the bell…

Those of you who knew this blog as “After the Bell,” know that I originally started this blog to help me reflect upon my struggles and celebrations as a first-year middle school language arts teacher. I am pleased to report that I survived my first year of teaching! It was, overall, a positive experience: I learned a lot, I had a lot of fun, I met some wonderful students who are going to do great things in this world. But, I also have a big announcement: I’m no longer teaching (in a school setting, that is). I recently accepted a new job in educational student travel. This job still involves a lot of curriculum design and training, so I haven’t abandoned education entirely, but I will be out of the classroom for a while. I’m very happy about this decision.

To that end, I’m making some changes to the blog including: a new look, new content, and new approach.

A New Look
To celebrate this new phase in my life, I will be selecting a new blog theme to be revealed within the next couple of days (that is, until I learn enough about blogging to be able to design one myself). (long term project…very, very long term project)

New Content
As the new name would suggest, this new blog will feature my culinary adventures. A forthcoming introductory post will explain my initial vision and approach. In a nutshell, I’ve had tremendous success posting pictures of my food on my Facebook photos. A lot of positive comments from friends, family, and acquaintances have encouraged me to set aside time and space dedicated to this creative hobby of mine and to share it with others. And though it may be interesting to study from an anthropological perspective, no, this will not be a photographic record of everything I eat. That would be creepy. But I do want to celebrate real food and the joy of cooking by sharing photographs, stories and anecdotes, recipes, advice, and more from my honest, untrained, culinary aficionado voice and experience.

New Approach
I plan to blog with some more regularity this time around. Luckily, my new work schedule will better allow me devote time to this endeavor. Plus, I eat or otherwise think about food every day, so there is presumably an endless supply of material to blog about. I will shoot for 2-3 posts per week.

This is not to say that teaching stories from this past year will never again appear in this blog; indeed, I’ll probably remember something to laugh about and find worth sharing from time to time. And now that I’ve had time to digest this past year, I’m happy to talk about my experiences and my pedagogical ideas. However, I’m ready and eager to take what started as a Facebook photo album to the next level. If only the food you see on your screen could magically turn into reality, or, as Emeril says, if we had “smellevision,” I’d urge you to eat up like a nagging mother. But for now, I invite you to come on this journey with me and see where it leads.

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2 thoughts on “Way, way after the bell…

  1. Danielle Plomaritas says:

    Jessalyn, I love your food photos on fb! Looking forward to reading your blog. What will you be doing in your new job?

  2. Great to hear you’re doing well, Jessalyn! I wish you the best in your blogging adventures. I’ve been blogging quite a bit over the summer, and with it, I’ve also gotten into a bit of graphic design, too. I designed practically all of the graphics on my site and I’m having a lot of fun. Feel free to check it out if you have time. Have a great day!

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