Freebie at the Farmer’s Market

So this weekend, in between painting the dining room (!) (reveal coming soon), Alex and I went to the farmer’s market for our usual Saturday morning shopping. And from our beef folks, I decided to try some prepared bulgogi (that’s a Korean beef dish sliced really thinly and marinated in things like soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, green onions, Korean pears, etc.) And, please, it’s not pronounced bull-GOG-ee. It’s more like POOLE KOH-gee (hard ‘g’). Anyway, the recipe is variable, and everyone has their own version, kind of like barbecue sauce in America. The best way to prepare it is over a screaming hot grill. And because it’s usually sliced so thin, it only takes minutes to cook.

And I guess I must have been looking extra Korean that morning, because one of the farmers at our beef tent asked if I was Korean (I said yes, half-Korean), and gave me a package of cucumber kimchee! For free! How cool!

The cucumber kimchee is at the top right, and then clockwise from there is rice, bulgogi, and sauteed squash, zucchini, and onions.

I’ve never gone to farmers’ markets late enough to pick up extra giveaways, but I hear it’s done. At the end of the morning/day, when farmers are closing up shop, they often don’t want to take some things back home, you can get a lot of stuff for discounted prices, or even free. Have you ever snagged something for free at a farmer’s market? Or, have you ever wanted something really badly but then didn’t end up buying it? Tell us about it!


One thought on “Freebie at the Farmer’s Market

  1. […] okay for tonight, but I’d like to ponder some more what the best sauce would be. Probably a bulgogi marinade warmed through on the stove and poured over the meatballs? What do you […]

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