Poll on the Fly: Fridge Fashion

Lately I’ve been thinking about adding some art and accessories to our kitchen and dining area. While I’m not considering something as drastic (or impressive) as this fridge on display in Chicago…

…this image did get me thinking about refrigerator styles. As you know, ours is a single-door, freezer drawer on the bottom model which is currently adorned with a memo/coupon station, as well as the week’s menu and our calendar. But there are certainly a lot of different fridge models out there, and an even greater number of ways to decorate them.

So we wanna know: when it comes to fridge fashion, what do you prefer? Whether you call it a refrigerator, a fridge, an icebox, a food igloo,  or even your home’s art gallery, cast your vote on this quick poll and leave a comment describing any interesting things that have found their way onto your fridge!

Oh, and be on the lookout for some artsy additions to our food space in the coming weeks!


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