My Red Kitchen Goes Outdoors

I don’t know about you, but we had a beautiful, hints-of-fall weekend here that beckoned us outside to enjoy the cooler, less humid air. To gear up for chilly, starry nights, our weekend project involved assembling a simple outdoor fireplace to enjoy out on our patio. We even tested it out with some classic s’more making. Here’s how it all went down (for $36):

Our inspiration came from one of our favorite blogs, Young House Love, who provide instructions for their version of the outdoor fire pit in their patio makeover here. So we ventured out to Lowe’s to examine their selection of landscaping pavers and bricks.

We wanted something that looked as “natural” as possible, and we loved the range of red colors best, so we chose these pavers as a base to protect our patio surface from ash:

Next we stacked 12 rounded edge landscaping bricks to form a ring.

Notice how we offset the two rings to help create some dimension. We also lined the bottom with a layer of pea pebbles for extra fire safety. Our guy at Lowe’s assured us that so long as we didn’t attempt to do any blacksmithing on these bricks, they’d be just fine for supporting a small wood fire. He was also impressed with the simplicity of our structure, nonchalantly tucking away a catalog of more fancy-shmancy project ideas that customers usually pursue.

I like how simple and easy this project was (thanks, YHL!). I love how it carries the red theme of my indoor kitchen to the outdoors (coincidentally, our gas grill is red as well).

And just in case you were wondering, our new patio addition supported a warming fire and some delicious s’mores.

Do you have a favorite outdoor cooking spot? Does this project inspire any do-it-yourself ideas for you? What’s the best way to make s’mores chez vous? (Jessalyn insists on piercing a small piece of chocolate through the marshmallow and roasting the two together slowly until the chocolate is just beginning to melt and the marshmallow is golden brown).

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2 thoughts on “My Red Kitchen Goes Outdoors

  1. Alan says:

    Awesome guys! I was wondering what you two were up to this beautiful weekend.

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