Poll on the Fly: Recipe Storage

Today marks My Life in Food’s first month of existence, and I’ve reflected on the ways that it has served as a record of what I eat and think, but also storing recipes in a new way–not in a cookbook, not in a computer file, but embedded in a narrative which necessarily interacts with the context of my life – past, present, and future. And believe it or not, that got me thinking about the ways my blog has contributed towards my own personal recipe storage and organization.

Some bloggers, such as Cooking Today, use the blog as a way to organize all those miscellaneous recipe files, streamlining them down to the basics, accessible at any time by searching for a particular tag or search term. Aside from the smattering of recipes I’ve managed to share here, the rest of my recipes can be found in books here:

in books here:

and here:

(That pink binder is where I store recipes that I rip out of magazines or other publications or that I print from the internet. I attempted to make a table of contents so I’d at least know at a quick glance what all I have in there).

So what we wanna know today is, what’s your recipe storage system? Naturally we all keep a few things in our heads, but where else? Cast your vote using the poll below.

Don’t see your recipe storage system? Leave us a comment and tell us about it!


One thought on “Poll on the Fly: Recipe Storage

  1. hi,thanks for the info, great read, looking forward to the next update.

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