What the Missus Eats When the Man of the House is Out of the House

Here’s a light, easy meal I whipped up one night while Alex was out of town. You can’t tell from the picture, but the broccoli and shrimps (sauteed in a wok) have quite a spicy kick to them thanks to a specialty chili oil a friend sent me from England. (I nearly forgot that I had used it until I bit into a shrimp and was so surprised that I jumped and ended up squirting oil and shrimp juice on my glasses. How did that happen?!? you ask. I don’t even know myself. Seriously though, it wasn’t all that spicy–just packs a nice finishing kick).

I also decided to conduct a very unscientific experiment with juices this week. That’s right, I made fresh juice every morning with my Jack LaLanne power juicer. (And I have finely honed my cleaning routine so I am now able to complete the whole routine in 14 minutes flat from choosing ingredients to juicing to sipping to cleaning – start to finish. Not bad!) But since the manly man (who occasionally cringes at vegetables) was gone, I stocked up on things like celery, broccoli, kale, and carrots, and of course I still have some beets leftover.

I used these ingredients in varying combinations, including 1-2 apples as a foundation each morning and/or diluted with some water. If it was veggie-heavy, I also made sure to include a beet so that the color would be more appealing. And while some of the vegetable-based juices took a little while to get used to, I was impressed with how quickly I “woke up” and felt energized. Elaine LaLanne refers to this as the “sparkle in the eye of someone who regularly drinks carrot juice.” Though I couldn’t say for sure whether my eyes were more sparkly than usual, I definitely felt energized, and didn’t get tired during the middle of the day at work. To me, that alone is enough evidence to continue my juice experiments as consistently as possible to see what other long-term benefits I may see.

Whether you own a juicer or not, what’s the most interesting juice or juice combo that you’ve ever seen? What healthy things can I sneak into a juice without Alex noticing?

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One thought on “What the Missus Eats When the Man of the House is Out of the House

  1. Looks nice-my husband would eat the veg. but refuses prawns in any form unless unknowingly administered -when he suffers no ill effects.

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