Poll on the Fly: Yes, you, I’m looking for your votes!

For those of you who don’t blog or don’t know someone who blogs regularly, you might not realize that we bloggers have access to “blog stats” which tell how much traffic the blog gets: how many views each day, which sections of the blog were clicked on, and even what links viewers clicked on in order to get to the blog. No, I can’t really tell who is reading–it just counts numbers and is mostly for organizational purposes.

To some extent, I can figure out what posts are most popular which helps me decide what kinds of things to write about in the future. For example, this past Monday, when I posted on chocolate, I got the most blog views that day than I’ve ever had since I started this blog! Thanks, everyone! Of course, I hope I’m not distracting you from your work…but Mondays do seem to be a popular day. I’ll do my best to not distract you from work by continuing to post something interesting on Mondays.

That said, I still need your help. I like to see my views go up, and I like to know what interests you to help fuel the content of My Life in Food. One of the easiest ways for you to give me feedback is to vote on this poll. (Why, yes, it is the same poll as last week; I’m opening it up again). Indicate what you’d like to see more of. It’s super easy–all you have to do is click your mouse, selecting the boxes next to the answer(s) you’ve chosen. Then click Vote!

Here’s the poll again:

And if you have any other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment – also very easy. (You can use an alias if you’re afraid to tell me your real name). I will use these votes and suggestions to alter my blogging approach as needed to bring you more of the stuff that will keep you coming back to My Life in Food. Thanks for reading!


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