Weekend Project: Getting Ready for Next Year’s Blueberry Bounty!

This weekend I spent a good deal of time outdoors enjoying the crisp change in weather. Many a gardening publication will reflect on the fact that come fall, it’s hard to think ahead to next spring, but here in Virginia, fall is the perfect time to think about planting.

So on Friday I met with some good folks from C’ville Foodscapes who came to give our yard space an initial assessment and make some preliminary recommendations for what I might plant and where. And you might not know that our backyard is pretty slopey–as in, if I lie on my back on the hill I’m nearly vertical. (Great for sun tanning if you’re into that sort of thing?) As such, we don’t really use the space for any recreational activities and the only thing we’ve used it for so far is an incredible leg workout when mowing the grass.

But I’m crossing my fingers that by next June we’ll have something else to look forward to out there: fresh blueberries! According to C’ville Foodscapes, berry bushes would be a great use of the space; once established they don’t require much maintenance and will grow and spread nicely. Being farther away from the house, this suits us just fine while ensuring that we can begin to maximize the edible yield in our yard.

So I took a trip down the road with my mom to Edible Landscaping where my blueberry selection resulted in two varieties: the Legacy and the Climax. I spent Sunday morning putting them into the ground.

That’s the Climax there all nicely mulched. And its leaves turn a lovely shade of red to join in the fall foliage festivities.

I guess this means I need to start collecting blueberry recipes! While I may not get a ton of berries off of them next year, I’m hopeful that they’ll continue to increase in yield year after year. So tell us how you like to eat your blueberries! Any recipes you’re willing to share? Jams? Pies? Cobblers? Sauces? Stay tuned to see how thing turn out.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Getting Ready for Next Year’s Blueberry Bounty!

  1. Danielle Plomaritas says:

    I have two blueberry bushes. I love them! However, make sure to pick them quickly once they ripen. I kept putting if off and one day they had all been eaten by insects. 😦

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