Keeping it Classic with Cheese and Apples (Recipe: Apple Cheddar Scones)

The other day I stumbled across this recipe from Smitten Kitchen and was intrigued by the interesting way cheddar cheese and apples were combined. Sure, I know that some people like to sneak this classic cheese into the crusts of their apple pies. But it hadn’t occurred to me that they would hold up in scones too.

But hold up they did. My house smelled awesome. I added some sparkling sugar on top of the egg wash and added a bit of cinnamon to the  batter mixture. These were delicious with some of that homemade applesauce, but very filling.

Again, see Smitten Kitchen for the recipe. I think you’ll be impressed. As per her suggestion, go ahead and make them the night before – shaped and everything – and put ’em in the freezer. Pop them in the oven in the morning and take them in to surprise folks at the office.

Is there any more classic combination than apples and cheese?


3 thoughts on “Keeping it Classic with Cheese and Apples (Recipe: Apple Cheddar Scones)

  1. Natalie says:

    I’ve never heard of apples and cheese together!! But it somehow seems like it would work out.. maybe because I really like grapes and cheese? They look amazing!

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