Are Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Gone Already? (Photo Contest Results)

Last week I challenged you to do something creative with your Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Based on the response rate to this contest, I have arrived at three conclusions: 1) you ate everything on Thanksgiving day and had no leftovers; or 2) you enjoy eating your Thanksgiving leftovers as they are; or 3) you forgot to snap a photo of your creative Thanksgiving leftover meal. Nevertheless, here are a few dishes that I witnessed–can you spot all the Thanksgiving elements?


Alex's Dad made a healthy turkey salad after our Black Friday morning workout. Notice the cranberry dressing?

I pan fried some mashed potato pancakes in a bit of olive oil.

What do you think of my unintentional ketchup garnish? Eggs - fried, scrambled, poached, whatever - go beautifully with mashed potato pancakes.

In addition, a reader told me that she used her leftover turkey to make the Comforting Turkey Stew that Alex made a few weeks ago. She even used a sweet potato to thicken it instead of heavy cream. Lovely!

And that’s the extent of what I know about your Thanksgiving leftovers. I trust they were delicious! Any amusing anecdotes to share? Are you still eating your leftovers even a week later? Leave a comment to tell us about it. Perhaps we’ll try another photo challenge in the future. Either way, I’m still thankful for you, reader!

P.S. I suppose it’s time to start thinking about food for the winter holidays. Stay tuned for my ideas and adventures! (But if you want a head start on some ideas for cookies and other sweet treats, check out one of my favorite confectionery blogs here who is doing a “cookiemas” countdown).


6 thoughts on “Are Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Gone Already? (Photo Contest Results)

  1. Danielle Plomaritas says:

    I didn’t read the challenge in time to take a picture (meaning it was all gone!), but we always make soup. My mom got the recipe from a restaurant in Williamsburg, and thus we’ve always just called it Williamsburg turkey soup. I’ll send you the recipe later. The (not sure on spelling) “rue” is what makes it so good.

    • jkelliott says:

      Sounds great, Danielle! I’d love to hear about it. I believe it’s roux–the stuff that thickens the soup? If it’s as good as you say, no wonder it’s all gone already! What a nice tradition.

  2. Michael C. says:

    well i ended up simply eating them as leftovers in the library – snapping a photo would have made the entire situation even more peculiar. yes, that was definitely a first for me. your eggs + mashed potato pancakes look reaaaaaaallyyyyyyy good.

  3. Luke Waidmann says:

    Hey Jess! I just saw this post, so I’m way late. But I also didn’t have thanksgiving until Sunday the 28th. I’ve been making my sandwiches on slices of French Bread with turkey, sweet potato casserole, occasionally a bit of stuffing and Dijon mustard. I am really enjoying the spicy mustard vs the sweetness of the sweet potatoes.

    • jkelliott says:

      Yum! Dijon and sweet potatoes…intriguing! I’m working on some sweet potato fries today and just may dip them in some mustard.

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