Carraway, Taaaake Me Away…

I discovered something this week. I love the smell of carraway seeds. You know, those long, dark, rectangular-ish seeds (that somehow remind me of marigold seeds)? They’re also an essential ingredient in most rye breads? They smell sort of like fennel or licorice with some sort of earthy, herby undertone? You know, those? Somebody get me a fainting couch for my kitchen – I’m reeling so much just thinking about the smell.

I’ve honestly had the little bag of seeds that I bought from the bulk bin at the store sitting on my counter for easy smelling access all week long. But even if you hid them from me, I would call on every Bloodhound-esque instinct I have (which is precisely, none) to track them down. If there was a carraway seed cologne, I’d be interested. Stuffing carraway seeds between the sheets or in cloth bags for sachets? Sign me up!

Well, let’s not get carried away here. But as you might have guessed, I made some rye bread, belting out this song all the while (changing the word “cowboy” to “carraway,” naturally).

Having not historically been a rye bread fan, I was initially skeptical that I would like this bread at all. But one whiff of the carraway seeds and I was sold. SOLD I tell ya! And, it being the Hanukkah season, to celebrate Alex’s Jewish heritage, I’ve been studying and working on some traditionally (or stereotypically?) Jewish dishes, such as this New York deli-inspired lunch:

It’s pastrami and provolone on my freshly-baked rye bread with caramelized onions and whole-grain mustard. No, no sauerkraut on this baby. I’m not sure that Alex would have let me bring it into the house… There’s also a simply dressed salad in the back with some pecans and pomegranate seeds.

By the way, I’d  never had pastrami before. But, um, YUM! I am now convinced that I need to go to New York and visit a delicatessen on the Lower East Side ASAP. Oh, and did you notice the funny little dancing rabbis menorah in the background?

So, anyway. The loaf of bread is pretty much gone now. Surely it must be – at least in part – because of those clever little carraway seeds. Let’s have another look, shall we?

Even if you’re not as obsessed with carraway seeds as I am, I’m curious to know: what’s your opinion on rye bread?


2 thoughts on “Carraway, Taaaake Me Away…

  1. Brian Elliott says:

    Jessalyn, I was drooling looking at your bread and sandwich. Look DELICIOUS!!!! love, Mom

  2. jkelliott says:

    Thanks, Mom! I’ll make it for you sometime.

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