Edible Holiday Treats, Round 3 (Brownie Points!)

Three days ’til Christmas and I’m still baking up a storm. Today’s treat: Nutella Chevre Brownies. I’m not going to list the recipe because I got it straight from one of my favorite blog bakers, Confections of a (Closet) Master Baker, only difference being I added 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the egg/sugar mixture.

As a friend pointed out, yes, I suppose I have been on a goat cheese kick lately (evidence here and here and here). But once you buy some, you’re always looking for ways to use it. And it’s such a versatile cheese, really. In these brownies, I suppose it produces a tangy, creamy swirl akin to cream cheese brownies. Mixed with a couple spoonfuls of Nutella (or my off-brand chocolate-hazlenut butter) and each bite of rich brownie becomes subtly scented with hazlenut.

The recipe is almost gluten-free-friendly: if you look closely there’s only 1/2 cup flour. Certainly gluten-free chocolate morsels are available these days. And if you’re really ambitious, you could use a black-bean brownie recipe as your base and still swirl in the goat cheese/nutella mixture.

(Side note: I tried the black bean brownies recipe back in November, but I had to make a few substitutions because I ran out of agave nectar; and it didn’t turn out quite right. BUT, I have eaten successfully-made black bean brownies before and they are surprisingly delicious and supremely rich).

Failed attempt at black bean brownies: Yes, they look great, but the taste wasn’t quite right for this batch.

Back to the Nutella Chevre Brownies…I baked them in your standard 9x13x2″ baking pan and used the only cookie cutter I currently own to create individual servings (heart-shaped… for… spreading Christmas love? I think it works…).

Which then left me with this:

(I’m planning to freeze these odds and ends pieces and add them into some homemade ice cream, maybe along with some of these).

Any way you slice it, these are easy peezy gourmet brownies and will be appreciated by those who love chocolate and who love new twists on old favorites. (And if you’re a Nutella fan, I’d recommend being generous with the amount of Nutella you use in the recipe – I used almost 3 tablespoons of it and it’s still just a subtle accent flavor).

Has your virtual sugar coma set in yet? Not to worry. It is the holiday season after all. Indulge and enjoy. Share with friends so you don’t suddenly realize you ate a whole pan of brownies by yourself. Bake with the intention of giving away. Everything in moderation is my motto. And, not that it’s an excuse, but you know that food blogs all over the internet will be sharing detoxifying, weight-watching recipes at the beginning of the new year anyway.

Speaking of the new year, some pretty exciting changes are going to be happening here over the next couple of months. Keep checking back!

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4 thoughts on “Edible Holiday Treats, Round 3 (Brownie Points!)

  1. This is amazing. I’m not on Facebook too much so I was oblivious to the fact that you had a blog, a food blog nonetheless! I’m nowhere near as creative nor skilled as you in the kitchen but I just love reading food blogs. I browsed through your archives and am quite intrigued by Julia Child’s stew recipe now. After seeing the movie I was quite skeptical like yourself about how a beef stew could be so much better than other beef stews.

    One of my fave food blogs is userealbutter.com….you might like her!

  2. […] for dessert, why not a little raspberry brownie-swirl ice […]

  3. […] 3/4 cup brownie pieces (I used leftovers that I had stored in the freezer after making these) 4. Add the brownie pieces and let the machine mix them in – about 2 minutes. Remove the ice […]

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