When in Doubt, Fling Chocolate Everywhere

For a New Year’s party, I decided to make some Buckeyes–those little peanut butter balls dipped in dark chocolate. They tasted fantastic. But something wasn’t quite right in the texture which caused many of them to crumble when I tried to dip them in chocolate.

Which meant that my candy creations weren’t entirely “anatomically correct” in mimicking the actual buckeye’s shape and coloring. They looked more like those two-colored fishing bobbers. To compensate, I used a spoon to fling the leftover melted chocolate all over the tops of the exposed peanut butter.

Eh, well, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when it doubt, just fling chocolate everywhere and have fun 🙂

Which reminds me, I’ve got a few New Year’s Resolutions for my blogging self, and I thought I’d join the countless other human beings who will be making their resolutions public in blogs this year. In case you’re interested, here they are:

More original recipes. Not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things, but I would like to come up with my own original twists and variations on classic pairings and dishes. Thanks to some of my Christmas gifts, I feel more confident about doing this and sharing them with you.

Getting the word out. I’m setting a goal for myself that for every new post I write, I will leave a genuinely thoughtful, humorous, anecdotal, or otherwise positive comment on three other blogs, with the dual purpose of learning from others and (hopefully) directing more traffic to my own humble web-based abode. If you’re doing the math, that means I could be leaving almost 800 comments this year (and posting about 260 times)!

Exploring more media. Earlier in 2010, I posted a poll asking readers what they’d like to see more of. Photos and recipes was the biggie; in the new year I’d like to try uploading more videos, too. I don’t tweet, but probably should. I’ve thought about using a flickr stream. I’m still figuring out what I like. I want these things to have a specific purpose in supporting my blog and I’m not yet sure I can articulate what those might be, but I’m working on it. Recommendations welcome.

Starting my kitchen garden – fo’ real. We have a small patch of backyard available for some in-ground planting. This will be the year that I get started on that. While I don’t anticipate this to turn into a gardening blog, I will post some updates for you. As a foodie and DIY enthusiast, I think it’s important to have access to and be involved with food in as many steps of the way from ground to table as possible. In the past I’ve done some container gardening with peppers, tomatoes, pole beans, (and remember I’ve got some blueberry bushes in the ground), but I’m ready to take on some more comprehensive projects. This will definitely be trial and error, but there, I’ve gone and made it public so hopefully this will help hold me accountable for taming my little patch of earth.

It might be cliche to ask, but are you making any announcement-worthy resolutions this year? Are you anti-resolution? Have you ever engaged in similar bouts of chocolate-flinging (literally or figuratively)? Do tell.


Oh, and don’t forget! Big changes coming in 2011. Two days ago my blog received its most views ever – thanks, everyone! – and we are less than 20 posts away from revealing some more exciting things. Stay tuned.

One thought on “When in Doubt, Fling Chocolate Everywhere

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