Cookie Wars, Part 1

For Christmas, Santa stuffed a set of Table Topics for Date Night cards in Alex’s stocking (similar to these). We’ve enjoyed the spontaneity and fresh ideas they provide. Last night the card we drew said “Have a contest to see who makes the best cookies.”

So it’s on! This weekend we are selecting, baking, and tasting our cookie creations. The tasting will likely take place with the help of a third party. My first batch is in the oven right now. Be sure to stay tuned for the results which I will post Sunday evening!

Here’s a keyword hint to the cookies I’m making: Monkey.
And a hint for Alex’s choice: Zingiber.

A little friendly competition never hurts, right?

Placing bets? Whose cuisine do you think will reign supreme (quoting Iron Chef America)? Any guesses as to what we might be making? If you were in a cookie competition, what would you make to seal the deal? Share your thoughts, words of encouragement, or mild smack-talk in a comment below.

Until Sunday, friends, comrades…



4 thoughts on “Cookie Wars, Part 1

  1. Danielle says:

    HA HA HA, can I be a taste tester. This is hilarious. Alex will play any kind of game 😉

  2. Natalie says:

    I almost got a set of those idea cards for my brother and his new fiancée for Christmas! Are they pretty creative? I think Nick and I could use a set!

    I only know one cookie recipe well enough to place my bets on it, and it’s my mom’s standard chocolate chip! Unfortunately, that’s the only cookie recipe Nick knows as well, so we would probably just end up with a double batch of chocolate chip cookes! Hmm.. maybe that’s not so unfortunate!

    I’m putting my bets on Jessalyn, but Alex could be a dark horse!

    • jkelliott says:

      Hey Natalie, We’ve only drawn three cards so far but they are pretty creative! Some are more involved “take a class at a rock-climbing gym” and some are simpler (and free) like “stare into each other’s eyes for 5 minutes.” We’ve had a blast with them so far and it’s hard to resist reading through the entire deck. Thanks also for your vote of confidence!

  3. […] such as making a plate look better, and challenging myself to eat local during the winter, and even a cookie war with Alex. It helps give some routine and structure to my blogging week and perhaps gives you something […]

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