Triple Digits and Exciting Changes

I’ve been thinking about cupcakes. A lot. Perhaps because I’ve been thinking about wedding cakes and am entertaining the idea of doing cupcakes instead. Mostly I’ve been thinking about making batches of sample cupcakes in order to find the flavors that I’d want to present to guests. A quick google search will  show you some unique cupcake flavors that people have already tried. (Strawberries and cream? Mojito? Milky way? Dreamsicle? Peach? Gluten-free for my Paleo friends?)

But today’s post is not about cupcakes.

I didn’t make that slice of peanut butter pie. I bought it from a local bakery to celebrate my 100th post! I am celebrating by eating the whole thing (the whole slice, not the whole pie). It’s certainly taking me a while, and I feel a lot like Adam Richman trying to finish it off.

Peanut butter pie does have some personal meaning to me though. Back when I was doing my student teaching, my university supervisor who would come to observe me on occasion would always bring me a slice for encouragement, consolation, motivation, whatever.

Lest you begin to think I’m babbling (it’s true–I’m pretty excited), I do have a point. And it’s mostly a word of thanks to you, dear readers, for keeping me encouraged, consoled, motivated, whatever. Some of us have our peanut butter pies…I consider myself very lucky to have you, and this blog wouldn’t be what it has slowly evolved to be without you.

So. You may have noticed that things look a little different. The first thing you may want to double-check is the address bar of your internet browser. Go ahead, check it out. I purchased a domain name. A .com. I am officially a part of the internet. My immensely talented friend designed my new banner. And I’ve tidied up the About and FAQs section. My mom said she’d be sad to see the pizza photo go, but I’m looking forward and continuing to challenge myself to be creative and have fun and, well, eat.

I hope you’ll continue to be a fan. And I hope you have many opportunities in your life to say yum!

One thought on “Triple Digits and Exciting Changes

  1. Alan says:

    Awesome Jess, really awesome!!
    Love the new domain name and photo.(although, I have to agree with your mom, the pizza will be missed) Keep up the great work! …and keep an eye out on the milk mayven… ; )

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