The Devil’s Starchy Fingers (and other childhood memories)

(It’s a line from Gilmore Girls, okay? Lane tries to explain to the Korean exchange student that despite what Mrs. Kim says, fries are not the devil’s starchy fingers.)

Our date night card this week suggested fixing our favorite childhood meal and watching our favorite childhood movie. Alex picked the food (chicken fingers and french fries) and I chose the  movie (The Little Mermaid). And as you probably saw from the picture, we adultified our apple beverage of choice.

I made the chicken fingers by slicing up some local chicken breast meat into strips, marinating them in honey mustard, and coating with panko bread crumbs before a quick pan-fry. The fries are from organic potatoes, but I did not make those. And I never realized before how skinny Ariel’s arms are.

Even if her mermaid fin gave her super “leg” strength, I don’t think it would be realistic for her skinny arms to have the strength to pull Eric up to the surface after his ship bursts into flames in that hurricane in the beginning of the film. When I shared these thoughts with my mom, she, of course, pointed out that the whole premise of the movie is not very realistic, but when you grow up a Disney kid, this point is irrelevant, if not inconceivably verboten.

Oh well.

What was your favorite (or least favorite) thing to eat when you were a kid? Do you still like to eat it? What was your favorite movie? Do you still know all the words? Do tell!


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