Sunday Garden Update: Meatball Subs

Well, it’s Sunday. That means it’s time for a garden update.

We spent a busy Saturday running errands and planning our garden. As you can see from the photo, we found a bamboo teepee trellis, and some white picket garden fences (beyond the one pictured here), as well as one 2″x10″x12′ cut into three 4-foot lengths. I also couldn’t resist a few seed packets of flowers: marigolds, nasturtiums, and columbines.

Oh, and about that paint color on the door…it’s a bit eccentric don’t you think? We’re experimenting. This color, though it’s growing me, is clearly not the winner.

So anyway, here’s a sketch of my garden plan.

You can see that I’ve divided the space into 32 square-foot plots. Each square foot may be subsequently divided, depending on what I decide to plant where (e.g., lettuce could be 4 per plot; tomatoes may only be one per plot). Since I haven’t finished deciding what I’m going to plant, I’ve numbered the rows and columns so that when I do get stuff in the ground I can easily tell you what went where. The boards will be placed at 2-foot intervals so that I can easily reach any of the plants. The trellis teepee will likely go in the back corner spanning plots A7, A8, B7, and B8. A couple things this sketch does not illustrate: there is a fence running along the back (against row A); the front and sides will be fenced in with that white picket stuff we picked up; I’m still looking for the lawn ornaments that will best suit my style and tastes; and the reason I’m including lawn ornaments in the first place is because we have a large tree in our backyard located kind of off to the left of the bottom left corner in the drawing (and visible in the photo below), and its roots are all tangled up in the ground beneath the existing rosemary bush. Rather than fight it, I’ll put something above the ground.

Here’s a picture in real life to kind of orient you:

But even the best laid plans can be interrupted by things like, well, snow?

That’s right, folks. A confused snowfall with April just around the corner. A bit unusual for central Virginia, but not unheard of. I suppose I am fortunate, in a way, because I haven’t yet put anything in the ground, so there was nothing I really needed to take pains to protect. As soon the ground warms back up (maybe by next weekend?) I will hopefully have more to report.

In the meantime, how about some meatball subs?

Any unusual spring weather where you are?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Garden Update: Meatball Subs

  1. pobept says:

    Hehehe, paint the door trim blue, than you will feel like your in your favorite southern European garden spot.

    Happy Gardening

  2. […] you may remember, last week I showed you where our future garden would be […]

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