Sunday Garden (Photo) Update

All apologies for the delay in posting. I have been experiencing computer problems which have put a bit of a damper on my blogging spirit. But I did want to share a few photos of what’s going on in and around my garden.


A pot of herbs (basil and chives) next to the door for easy access during cooking

Also a pot of mint for cooking, drinks, and desserts

Trying my luck with a few strawberry seedlings - there are already a few green strawberries!

A few chives went into the ground where they are guarding the lettuce which still has new growth but looks pretty sorry.

A comical tree man stands guard

I love listening to the rich sound of my new windchimes

And farther down the hill, the blueberry bushes are putting forth their leaves

So that’s what’s been going on in my garden. Thanks for bearing with my while I reorganize my blogging materials and get situated on different computers.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Garden (Photo) Update

  1. natalie says:

    So exciting!!

    I really want to try growing some strawberries this year, but I went to the Garden Spot on Rio the other day and they said they wouldn’t have any for another two weeks! Maybe I should find some somewhere else before it gets any warmer..

  2. […] one of the first things I’m doing in my journey to self-sufficiency, in addition to stretching my garden muscles, is beginning to keep track of the food we eat. Not just the recipes that I post on here, […]

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