A Week’s Worth of Breakfasts (Spring 2011)

It occurred to me that the large majority of the recipes I share here could comprise the main course for a dinner meal, or the dessert your might slurp down afterwards. You know, stuff like banana ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce:

And as divine as such a dish might be (and it truly is divine), I hope you don’t think that this is all we eat (dinner and dessert, that is). And I also hope that you don’t think we eat banana ice cream with chocolate sauce for breakfast (because, I mean, we don’t…)

Well, despite what foods my blog might showcase, I assure you, we do eat breakfast. So I decided to photograph our breakfasts for a week so that you could see what we’re eating in the morning. (Note that this project actually took me over a week because I lost 2-3 unique photos in the it-was-bound-to-happen computer crash of April 2011, but this is still largely representative of what we might eat in a typical week).

On Saturday it was chilly and rainy. I cooked oatmeal and seasoned it with cinnamon and chopped in some (thawed) frozen peaches.
Sunday brunch: Green Onion Buttermilk Savory Pancakes with Sauteed Mushrooms and Tomato Chili Jam, Side of bacon
Yeah, we have Mondays too. Cheerios in whole milk.
Tuesday morning brought with it scrambled eggs and a slice of brown soda bread toast with butter.
By midweek, I’d found the time to make some granola. Here it is served over store-bought organic low-fat strawberry yogurt.
Yes, mother, we love our eggs and bacon. Here’s a half-eaten Thursday breakfast (and that’s the last bit of a slice of fresh European peasant bread with butter)
Did I mention we love our eggs? For a powered-up Friday breakfast, hard-boiled eggs are quick and easy.

So there you have it. I’ll try to do a week’s worth of breakfast posts periodically so you can see how we make adjustments as the seasons change. I’ve shared recipes for some of these spring dishes before (like the granola and the hard-boiled eggs). But do let me know if you’d like a recipe for any of the others by leaving a comment – I can reply to your comment or even write another post. But I’m also curious: what do you like to eat for breakfast? Do you skip breakfast? What’s the most difficult part about making time for breakfast? Do tell.


4 thoughts on “A Week’s Worth of Breakfasts (Spring 2011)

  1. YUM!!! I love your eats!!! They are so healthy! 🙂

    I love your blog! 😀

    • Jessalyn says:

      Thanks, Kat! That means a lot coming from someone as supremely talented in healthful cooking and baking as you!

  2. Dink Kreis says:

    Normally eat home made organic granola with raw goat’s milk when available, ortherwise whole organic milk. I trade that off with smoothie made with organic yogurt with any organic fruit available. Sometimes I add wheat germ and other healthy grains.

    • Jessalyn says:

      Sounds great, Dink! I’d be interested to learn about your raw goat’s milk. Email me with input/advice!

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