Holy Jam Jars, Batman!

I’m in project mode! Thanks to the much-anticipated arrival of 160 4-oz. jam jars:

Surely you can’t have forgotten by now that my freezer is jam-packed with strawberries from our recent strawberry adventure:

At some point this weekend, the first batch of strawberries is going to make it into a handful of those jars in the form of jam. Will keep you posted on my progress.

In the meantime, I’ve been occupying myself by planning how to decorate said jam jars. You may recall that we are making jam for our wedding favors (read our engagement announcement post here). The 4-oz. jars are the most adorable size ever. And there certainly are a lot of creative ways out there to package jam! Here are a few of my current inspirations:

Simple, yet elegant in both the font and the design. Clean lines. Perfect amount of color. 

Okay, so imagine that the jar is actually round, not octagonal, and a bit shorter, but isn’t that simple, thin ribbon so sweet? And the thank you tag charm reminds me of this:

See those little white metal rim tags that you can write on? Yeah, I want those.

Are you seeing my vision yet? I’ll spare you the countless other photos I looked through for inspiration – some were awesome, some not as much. But one thing I discovered while I was looking for packaging ideas is that there is a humongous range of jam and jelly flavors out there! Seriously! Some that I hadn’t even considered before: watermelon, strawberry-pineapple, raspberry-habanero, tomato-vanilla, pomegranate, and even fruit butters like pumpkin butter, sweet potato butter, and apple-pear butter. And I thought I was living on the edge with my plan to make strawberry-rhubarb jam! Sheesh!

Update: Click here to see my post in which I display the design we ended up deciding on! 

Well anyway, before I get my knickers all into a jam (ha..ha…), there are other matters to be taken care of. Matters like planning out what to do with the produce share I was given this week.

We’ve got:
– 2 heads of lettuce
– 1 head of cabbage
– 1 pound of peas
– 2 cucumbers
– 5 beets + their greens
– 6 zucchini  

For those of you who are expecting a “Zucchini Larceny” sort of summer (from the words of Barbara Kingsolver), here’s a teaser for tomorrow’s post in which I’ll share how to turn this:

into this:


I thought so.

So thanks for hanging with me for this quick, check-in/update post! Check back tomorrow for this cookie recipe. In the meantime, what’s the best way to decorate and package jam jars, in your opinion? Is it ribbons? Cloth fabric? Handmade labels? And what’s the most interesting jam flavor you’ve encountered? Leave a comment and let us know what’s up.

Oh, and if you have any ideas for how we should consume the large amount of greens crammed into our refrigerator produce drawers, go ahead and share those too!

P.S. So the Etsy sellers whose products I pictured here for design inspiration didn’t pay or bribe me to feature their stuff. But you can check out their wares here and here. And the other jar photo is from a neat organizing blog here.

2 thoughts on “Holy Jam Jars, Batman!

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