Peanut Butter Fix

The closest I ever came to being a Girl Scout was in kindergarten when my teacher put various stickers on the envelope containing my report card. The stickers were large and circular and showed pictures of skills that I was able to do as I learned to do them, including: tie my shoe, skip, know my left from my right, cutting with scissors, etc. Man, those were the days, weren’t they? I would like to earn a prize for skipping from the parking lot to office each morning. Or for tying my shoe when it comes untied at the gym. Simple pleasures. Not that I ever particularly wanted to be a Girl Scout, but I likened earning these stickers to earning badges like some of my peers did in Brownies.

Of course, the only other time the idea of Girl Scouts came into my life was in January/February when they came around door-to-door selling the infamous cookies. Growing up, I didn’t like chocolate, so the Shortbread and the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies were my stand-bys. But is it just me, or has the quality of the cookie changed slightly over the years? 

Anyway, I have long wanted to recreate the peanut butter sandwich cookie, and finally did so the other day when I found this recipe. If, like me, you have the occasional peanut butter craving, I highly highly recommend these beauties. (Note: I ignored Broma Bakery’s instruction to not use natural peanut butter, and they turned out just fine. I also baked my cookie halves for 11 minutes instead of 8.)

If you do experience success in baking these cookies, I sincerely hope someone will bring you a “good job” sticker that you can wear proudly on your apron or flour-dusted t-shirt.

I opted to use the circle sticker theme not for skill badges, but in packaging some of the cookies for coworkers in advance of a particularly busy day:

(This simple design was inspired by the incredibly talented Sally J Shim).

Today happens to be another busy day week at the office. Looks like I may need to make another batch. And then give myself a sticker that says “I survived a hectic workweek.”

What is/was your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Are you a peanut butter aficionado? (If so, you may also like these cookies). What skill sticker/badge do you feel you have earned this week? Do tell.


One thought on “Peanut Butter Fix

  1. Brian Elliott says:

    How cute!! I wish I was your coworker. Mom

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