Beating the Heat/Imagining We’re in France

Let’s face it: Sometimes, in the summer, it’s just too dang hot to cook dinner. 

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We are fortunate in that unlike some houses in our area, we do have functioning air conditioning. But the heat outside didn’t prevent us from wishing we were some place more…refreshing:

(That’s a photo from when I visited Nice, France–don’t you just want to jump in that water?)

I’m actually pleased to tell you that I didn’t make anything about tonight’s dinner.

That’s right. Alex and I imagined ourselves off to France by munching on a baguette, some Nicoise olives, various cheeses, blackberries, proscuitto (okay, okay, that’s Italian), and a nice chilled glass of wine. Alex has also been watching the Tour de France at every free moment, so it’s safe to say we have France on the brain.

Not that this was a particularly cooling meal, but it definitely prevented me from turning on the oven or the stovetop (something that even the thought of doing was making me sweat!)

What do you like to eat when it’s too hot to turn on the stove/oven/grill?


One thought on “Beating the Heat/Imagining We’re in France

  1. Brian Elliott says:

    That looks fantastic and reminds me of traveling in Europe.

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