Eating from the Pantry

Definitely not the most… gourmet… meal we’ve ever eaten, but sometimes the weekend catches up with you and by the time you think about heading out to the store they’ve closed and your freezer stores are running low, so you just gotta make something tasty out of what you have on hand. 

Two cans of tuna fish combined with a little mayo, dijon mustard, and relish made for a simple tuna salad. Cornmeal combined with boiling water to make a polenta-like goop, combined with milk and some parmesan cheese sizzled in the skillet to create a moist, chewy griddle cake with the perfect amount of crisp on the outside.

So there you have it: cornmeal pancakes and tuna salad, made using things we had on hand.

We ate the leftover pancakes the next morning with raspberry-jalapeno jam or eggs over-easy.

By the way, it’s snowing. I guess winter’s not through with us yet.


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