Doggy Stonehenge?

This is the view of the back of our house looking up from the almost-bottom of the hill. Take note of the 12+ pieces of firewood that been displaced from their comfy home on the patio to these mystifying positions in the yard, with the help of a certain four-legged fiend.

I have stared at them over and over trying to transcribe my puppy’s secret code. Does each piece mark a significant elevation change in the yard to help him visually estimate how fast to run down the hill? Did he create his own obstacle course just for fun? Is he recreating the living room setup – sofa here, chair here, crate here, shelf here…

Wait, wait, I think I hear my mom laughing and pointing out the ever-practical hypothesis that Nero simply likes to chew on wood–that the pile of firewood on the patio is a puzzle waiting for him to decipher and that each piece represents a small conquest that he leaves in the yard wherever he chooses to chew on it…Nah, that’s more poetic than she’d say it. She’d say, ‘Jessalyn, I think Nero just likes to chew on wood. And the firewood is like a bunch of huge sticks to him.’

I mean, I’m not saying that it’s like the formula for world peace or some sort of graphical representation of quantum physics…but maybe it’s some other message he is trying to send me through the oft-debated communicative powers of firewood (that is so weathered it doesn’t even burn properly)? Isn’t that how you communicate with your dog?  I don’t have an answer. 

Our rear-facing neighbors must think we are landscaping-incompetent.

…But what does it mean??

One thought on “Doggy Stonehenge?

  1. Dink Kreis says:

    It just looksw like a very happy puppy yard. 🙂

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