A Space of My Own

It’s not a lot to look at yet, but we are working on putting together my own space in the upstairs office area:

I salvaged the desk for $50 from our local Habitat Re-Store. It’s quite pretty on its own, but someday I may re-finish it with paint and new hardware. But not today. The white cabinet above was free! Using my super-woman powers, I yanked it free from its corner counterpart which once found its home in our kitchen (but which had since been replaced with open shelving, leaving the cabinet sitting awkwardly on the floor of the office, in prime toe-stubbing position by the laundry closet).

I spent time each day after work last week sanding it, priming it, painting it, and spray painting the hardware. Then my handyman husband and his trusty sidekick, Scott, hung it on the wall for me while Nicole and I enjoyed the view of our men’s back sides supervised. Thanks, guys!

Clearly, we’re not done yet (you may have noticed the lack of seating), but I plan to use my new space for blogging, crafts, and other projects. I am looking forward to having a dedicated “me” space to help me organize my work, hobbies, and passions!


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