You Should Use Jam in your Salad Dressings

Ready the salad ingredients!

Sliced nectarines, shredded goat’s milk gouda, pismashios, sliced grilled smokey chipotle chicken, baby spinach

Salad ingredients: ready!

Well hullo, gorgeous.

I went to a wine tasting today. Food (with the exception of cheese) doesn’t usually cross my mind when wine tasting, but today I was dreaming up dish after dish as we swirled and sipped and swished and swallowed. Perhaps it was a combination of wine flavors and the wine descriptions in the tasting notes. By far, my favorite wine snob word used in tasting notes is “jammy.” In my opinion, in the world of red wines, jammy is about as close as you’ll ever get to using the word “candy” in a wine description. Or, depending on your regional colloquialisms, it’s also as close as you’ll ever get to comparing wine to night clothes.

Not that you’d necessarily want a red wine to remind you of candy nor of pajamas.

But there are other things that can delightfully be described as jammy. Like jam vinaigrette salad dressing.

Basic Jammy Dressing Formula
(makes enough to dress one large salad)

– 1 spoonful jam or jelly
– 1 spoonful vinegar (such as white wine, sherry, or balsamic)
– sprinkle of salt, pepper, and ground mustard
– enough olive oil to help everything come together

Whisk all ingredients until jam has softened and thinned. Taste and adjust oil or vinegar or jam as needed (too acidic? add more olive oil. too oily? add more vinegar. can’t taste the sweetness from the jam? add more jam).

Top 3 reasons you should use jam in your salad dressings:

3. For the opportunity to incorporate the word “jammy” in your dinnertime conversation.

2. To use up the last bits from the jelly jars in your fridge. You know, the ones that you put back in the fridge after you discovered there wasn’t quite enough for a PB&J sandwich.

1. The texture is fantastic. Jam gives your basic vinaigrette the extra oomph it needs to really coat your salad leaves beautifully–not oily, not soaked, just beautifully dressed greens that you will be proud to top with your choice of additional ingredients (see photo above).

While you whip up your own jammy vinaigrette, I’ll go change into my PJs, have a piece of candy, and re-read my tasting notes. Let me know how you like it.


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