Painting, Three Interpretations

I did a bit of painting last week.

Not this kind:

Those are four of my gym friends after the Color Me Rad 5K held in Richmond, VA last weekend. As I understand it, you run, voluntarily, and then people throw colored powder at you from the sidelines. It’s something like what I envision running through a rainbow might be like, even though I doubt (though I couldn’t prove!) that running through a rainbow would leave any semi-permanent Rorschach blobs. (Thanks, Martha, for letting me borrow your photo).

Let’s cut straight to the before and afters of the remaining two painting interpretations, shall we?

Here’s our guest bedroom (looking into the home office). As you can see, there’s a little patch on the wall from a ceiling fan installation and the subsequent electrical work that my dad and Alex worked on a while back. It’s been begging for paint since April. I have no idea what the original paint color is (it’s some kind of light green), but I took the opportunity to get my accent wall on.

Woo! I went with a deeper green (it’s Cavern Moss in Olympic Premium No-VOC flat formula). And yes, it is nighttime in the after picture, so the lighting doesn’t quite do it justice. I love that it is a richer green that brings some interest to an otherwise undecorated room, but it’s not so overpowering that the room loses its zen, ya feel me? We’ll keep you posted on this room. I have plans to force mismatched furniture to play nice…

Painting project number 2 was inspired by something on pinterest, namely, this photo:

Source: via Jessalyn (It Started with Yum) on Pinterest

I’d been a little puzzled about artwork for our bedroom, but it’s coming together slowly. I pulled three 8×10″ canvases that I got in a multi-pack during a sale at Michael’s a while back, and used regular old Frog Tape painter’s tape to create my design. Actually, I wanted all three pieces to feel like a set because I wanted to paint them all the same color, but wanted Nero and Alex to have their own canvases.

See how I put those 3 thick strips of tape (positive slope, negative slope, positive slope)? This way, no matter how Nero or Alex chose to decorate their canvas, they’d be united by this thick line. Mine is on the left; I was going for sort of an abstract tree branch design.

Once our taping was done, I painted all the white spaces (including the sides) in the color of my choice, a dark blue acrylic paint mixed with some purple. When it dried, we pulled the tape off and hung them over our bed.

Okay, okay, you’re probably wondering how Nero taped and painted all by himself. He had some help. He opted for no additional tape, but I helped him paint by painting his paw and rubbing it around the canvas. He was so patient. My little puppy artist!

Behold, family art:

Me. Nero. Alex. Different, yet united. (Can you figure out Alex’s design?)

I do realize that the canvases look a bit small and perhaps hung slightly too high above the bed. That’s just me anticipating the future again! I found plans for a headboard that I want to make. We’ll call it a father-daughter learn-to-use-a-saw project in the making (i.e., father knows how to saw, daughter doesn’t; father will impart mystical saw wisdom to daughter in a series of mini-lessons). Anyway, once that’s put in place, the height of the paintings should make more sense. And if it doesn’t, we can always re-hang as Alex so sensibly reminded me.

So that’s that. What do you think? Have you been doing any painting lately (of any variety)? Do tell.


One thought on “Painting, Three Interpretations

  1. krugthethinker says:

    They look so awesome! What a great family project. Thanks so much for linking to my tutorial!

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