I See a Brown Door and I Want It Painted…Mint?

My friend, Carrie, from DreamGreenDIY (I’ve actually known her since high school! not just through blogging) says that mint and coral are so in right now.

I am thankful for her artistic eye (or perhaps also her fashion sense?) because it finally came to me how I could give our front entryway the beginnings of a facelift. I’ve gone and painted the front door green. No-holds-barred mint green.



Behold! A brighter, more cheerful entry. Alex and I are still getting used to it. I feel that it now draws attention to the fact that the white storm door doesn’t match the brown gutters and window trim on the rest of the house. Either way, I am eager to hang a branch wreath to keep it from seeming like a naked mint beacon of a door.

I always wanted a red front door. But I had a heck of a time trying to find a red that would match our purplish-brownish house siding. Upon further consideration, I realized that our front entryway is rather dark and closed off. (Okay, I know the azalea bushes could use a trim, but let’s focus on the actual architecture of the house, shall we?) Seeking a way to lighten and brighten, mint became a very appealing option. [Surfer Green in exterior gloss by Benjamin Moore] Sorry, Carrie – Alex may be willing to pull off a salmon/coral colored shirt, but I somehow don’t think that a “pink” front door would be up his alley.

I like that it can be seen as a re-interpretation of the Southern tradition of painting front porch ceilings aqua to keep away evil spirits. Not that the painting was prompted by a sudden influx of evil spirits, but it is nice to make traditions your own.  It’s even nicer to feel that a home is welcoming you cheerfully, rather than…I don’t know, reluctantly?

I’ll keep you posted on the other ways we improve our home’s face. In the meantime, Carrie is visiting me this weekend! We’ve got at least two projects to tackle and we’ll share on both of our blogs next week! I can’t wait. I hope Carrie likes the door.


5 thoughts on “I See a Brown Door and I Want It Painted…Mint?

  1. Carrie says:

    I LOVE it!! Can’t wait to see it in person tomorrow =) If you don’t like the white storm door (although, it reads sort of like a crisp white frame to me!), you could spray paint it oil rubbed bronze…Again, love it!

  2. Danielle says:

    I like it! You are giving me inspiration for our front door, which needs a facelift.

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