Front Door Update

This post requires some audience participation. Let’s practice. Ready?

Repeat after me.



Very good. Here we go.

Here’s our old front door.


Here’s our new front door:


And here’s our front door now, looking not so naked:

(ooOOooh! aaAAaahh!)

I’m quite satisfied. FINALLY our front entry looks polished. Homey. Welcoming. Whimsical, with just a touch of crafty. Fun! Like us!

I was pleasantly surprised to pick up that blank grapevine wreath form at Michael’s for $4.99 (I was bracing myself for a bigger price tag and trying to convince myself that I would consider it an investment and reuse it over and over, changing its decor as the seasons passed. Luckily, I need not have worried–looks like it’s only the already-arranged wreaths for which the price is jacked way up). I picked up three of the biggest, most interesting silk flowers I could find (also at Michael’s), trimmed them and just wedged them into the wreath’s branches. I figure I can swap them out to accommodate holidays, new colors, or whenever the mood strikes.

Including the over-the-door wreath hanger, this DIY wreath came in at under $20. Woo! What do you think? What makes you think “ooOOooh/aaAAaahh” or maybe just makes you feel “home” about a front door? Are you a house numbers person? Wreath? Artwork? Monograms? Do tell.

And click back here to read more about painting the front door mint green.





4 thoughts on “Front Door Update

  1. arzea says:

    This looks great! Fabulous job!

  2. Carrie says:

    ooOOooh/aaAAaahh…. =) I love it!!

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