This and That


I’ve been going on an organizing frenzy. Can’t wait to show you some of my projects.

Here’s a quickie that I did this weekend: reorganized the pantry. Again.

Before (about a year and a half ago):

This was before we got Nero. Things had gotten a bit more crowded between storing dog food and Alex’s collection of bottles for his homebrew. Exhibit B:

Alex: Hey babe, what happened to Exhibit B?

me: Exhibit B has been destroyed because it was unanimously voted unsuitable for public pageantry.

Alex: …So, you forgot to take a picture?

Precisely. So just use your imagination to make the “Before photo” included above as disastrous looking as possible.

And now we have Rogue. And it’s not like adding a second dog suddenly created a messier pantry. But.. I have yet to find a better correlation.

After about 30 minutes of work this weekend we now have the after:

It’s no Pottery Barn pantry, but it’s definitely more functional for yours truly. Looking forward to adding some chalkboard paint to label my bulk containers on that bottom shelf!

Yeah! Okay! It looks crowded! I hear ya. Let’s just call it organized chaos, okay? I promise I know where everything is and belongs now.

I’m especially proud of the basket on the top shelf and another one on the bottom shelf. See ’em? The top one contains our re-usable lunch tins to make groggy morning lunch-packing a bit more efficient. The bottom one (look closely – behind the aprons) contains open snacks (currently Alex’s cereal and a bag of sweet potato chips). I’ve never been more happy to score some baskets at TJ Maxx.

Also noteworthy is the fact that I divided the middle shelf in half: the left half contains our personal dry goods (jam, canned veggies, wine, etc.) while the right half contains wares to gift or sell and bulk supplies to make some of my concoctions. Maybe it’s hard to tell from the photo. But trust me. An invisible dividing line is there.

Shall we have a collective sigh of relief in honor of getting organized?


When you live in a smallish house, organization is crucial for maintaining a tidy home, and, you know, keeping your sanity. (This blog that I found thanks to Pinterest this week is going to whip me into shape!) I am hoping to win Alex over to my newly-adopted “efficiency rules!” viewpoint in order that the organizational systems and routines we create give us more time to enjoy each other and the dogs.


In other news, both Alex and I are competing in a CrossFit event this weekend. It’s going to be a great time – partner workouts always are.

Like this

Here’s what’s on our dinner menu this week.

Monday: Shrimp and avocado with sprouts and Jamie Oliver’s “old school Marie Rose sauce”

Tuesday: Chicken and leek stroganoff over rice

Wednesday: Turkey meatloaf and Broccoli Pesto Pasta

Thursday: Turkey meatloaf (leftovers) and Potato-Leek Soup

Friday: Beef and Spinach muffins (which we will continue to munch on throughout the weekend)

Game on? Definitely not totally paleo, but not horrible either. Much better than the takeout that we’ve been resorting to over the past two weeks. Note the lack of desserts. I mean, we have to eat somewhat clean when it’s performance week, right?

How do you keep your pantry tidy? What are you eating this week? Do tell.

2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Jen Lux says:

    Beef and spinach muffins? Do tell! Miss you Jess and good luck this weekend!

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