Maybe I was a Koala in a Former Life

Can I just obsess for a minute over the scent of eucalyptus essential oil? I love it. I was first introduced to it in full force this summer. In a steam room. At a resort. Believe it or not, it was for a work event?

Anyway. I loved this steam room. Before visiting the spa, I googled “what to do at a spa,” and “what to do in a steam room,” respectively, just to make sure I looked like I knew what I was doing. Yes, it was my first time at a spa, or in any facility with a women’s locker room that contained a hot tub or sauna and wasn’t a YMCA. But as soon as I entered that steam room, the little pool of eucalyptus oil that was affixed to the wall wafted, nay, charged into my nostrils, opened up my sinuses, and assertively signaled “peace” to me. I could have stayed there forever.

That’s a lie. It got hot in there! Plus the sound of the steam jetting out every few minutes scared the crap out of me.

Since then, I had been trying to identify what that scent was (I did not know it was eucalyptus at the time), and I only discovered it was eucalyptus upon buying eucalyptus essential oil for a little mosquito-repelling candle I made in August. Happy happy joy joy!

Folks, I’m recovering from a monster of a sinus infection this week. I can at least partially attribute my recovery to the fact that I have been soaking in epsom salts studded with eucalyptus essential oil and dreaming of a claw-footed tub.

Well, maybe dreaming of a claw-footed tub did not contribute so greatly to my physical recovery…evidence is not conclusive and more likely points to regular intake of over-the-counter sinus medication…

I’m not a big scent person. I don’t really like smell-y things. With the exception of my 6th-grade obsession with Bath & Body Works (Country Apple? Pearberry? Sun-Ripened Raspberry? Cucumber Melon? Juniper Breeze? yeah, that’s a blast from my past). I am generally particular about the bars of soap I buy (or make). I found a perfume that I like; I wear it only rarely, but when I run out, I only buy the same thing. (It’s Amazing Grace by Philosophy, if you must know). I don’t let Alex use scented dryer sheets because I gag when I fold clothes and gag again when I wear a dryer-sheeted shirt. (We don’t use dryer sheets anyway; we use dryer balls – teehee!) I hate when I choose the bathroom stall at work that has the little “door pod” air freshener thing that shoots out a burst of lemony toxic mist every few minutes.

But give me a choice of essential oils, and I will choose eucalyptus, hands-down, every time. It’s become a scent memory for me now.

If only the doggies wouldn’t spoil the peaceful, aromatherapeutic mood with an especially active evening of crop-dusting…Nothing says “love you mom!” like a gaseous, offending stink followed by the pitter patter of puppy claws in the opposite direction.

Do they look guilty to you?

Are you a smelly person? Er, I mean, do you like to surround yourself with good-smelling stuff? Or maybe you create an inviting space by simmering some orange slices and cinnamon sticks on the stove? Got any good essential oil tricks with which I (and fellow readers) might revel in our essential oil obsessions around the home? Do tell.


One thought on “Maybe I was a Koala in a Former Life

  1. lanime87 says:

    Being at spa is one of my favorite thing to do.. glad you have enjoyed those things..keep going!

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