Easy Fall Decor

There, see? I’ve got mums and a pumpkin. I’ve now joined dozens of other families in my neighborhood who welcome fall with these classic and seasonal symbols of suburban homekeeping. Maybe by next week I’ll get around to giving those azalea bushes a haircut so you can actually see the front door…

Here are a couple ways that I have brought some of the sentiments of the season indoors:


Clockwise, from top left:

  • I made a hand-stamped burlap table runner (using a cut apple painted with acrylic paint, the leaf is a rubber stamp, but you could use real leaves for a more authentic flair; more inspiration here) that adds a bit of bungalow style to our dinner table, while the candlestick trio adds a touch of macabre. I paid $1.79 for the burlap and used craft supplies from around the house for the rest. The¬†candelabra is from TJMaxx a couple years ago.
  • I replaced the usually vintage white candestick holders on the piano with dark wood to help the owl candle feel a bit spookier. I’m pretty sure I picked these up at TJMaxx a couple years ago. The owl candle was a gift, and permanently resides atop the piano, but he seems a little more somber with the dark wood candlesticks in the background, don’t you agree?
  • On the fireplace mantle, bright orange owl candlestick holders sport contrasting purple candles and are flanked by amber-colored reflective drinking glasses. Also found all of this at TJMaxx several years ago. I have considered spray painting those candlesticks a glossy white, but for now I like the contrast between the orange and purple. Apparently purple has become a mainstream Halloween color?
  • The other side of the fireplace mantle finds brown kraft paper with a hand drawn bat illustration and a hand lettered, seasonally appropriate exclamation, framed. I thought I was rather clever with this one. You see, those frames had been sitting on our mantle waiting for me to fill with photos – a task which I find laborious and therefore procrastinate on. Finally fed up with myself for neglecting them, I cut some kraft paper down to size (you could use paper bags), did some quick doodling (I’m no artist, trust me – that bat looked like some sort of submarine umbrella on my first try), and voila – instant decor. I may never put actual photos in those frames, in favor of swapping out the kraft paper with different designs or sentiments as the seasons change!

So there you have it. A few simple ways that I have brought the fall festivities indoors. How do you like to decorate for fall? Do you rely on DIY-ing your decor, or do you prefer to build your collection at all the post-season sales? Do tell.


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