6 pints of applesauce and 1 quart of strawberry applesauce are cooling on my kitchen counter, and 4 cups of fresh-pressed cider are chilling in the freezer.

I looked up from the sink overflowing with dirty dishes to find the dogs cozied up next to each other (click on photo above to make it a bit larger), chewing on a shared stick, at one of Nero’s favorite spots in the yard. They’re at the top of the hill, just before our yard plummets downhill, a place where Nero loves to sit and sniff all the smells the breeze blows his way. When I catch him sitting here, I often wonder what he is thinking about.

Looks like he and his sister are enjoying each other’s company. Endearing scenes like this are sometimes hard to come by, and would surely have been interrupted had I attempted to take a better photo from the other side of the kitchen window. Maybe some things are meant to bring peace and be enjoyed simply in the moment.

All in a Morning’s Work

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