Thanksgiving Re-cap + Holiday Preview



Some instagram shots of our Thanksgiving with friends (follow me on Instagram @jessalynf):
– the menu
– the appetizers are about as “traditional” as we went this year. Turkey meatloaf, cranberry shortbread, and sugar&spice pecans made the perfect accompaniment to our champagne toasts.
– serve-yourself buffet-style platters
– the centerpiece is 3 mini parfait glasses (the middle one is upside down with cranberries inside). I wanted something simple but still fall-themed, and low enough to be able to talk over.
– here’s my plate!
– but where’s dessert? yeah we ate that up before I took a picture.

Are you rushing around today in the post-Thanksgiving madness? Since the holiday came earlier than usual this year, you’ve got a few extra shopping days before the winter holidays, I suppose. But while you’re resting in between sales, or if you find yourself yearning to give something homemade and handcrafted this year, I humbly encourage you to swing by my Etsy shop, Highlands Homestead.

Photo courtesy of Jenni Gabriela (

There, during my unofficial grand re-opening, you’ll find nourishing lip balms, shampoo soaps, and jam – all homemade, and all of which make great stocking stuffers! And, for the next two weeks, from now until December 7, as a thank you for reading my blog, use coupon code YUMJOY2012 at checkout for free shipping on your order (at this time I am only processing U.S. orders). Joy to the world and fa-la-la-la-la! Order now for the best selection and to take advantage of free shipping.

Thanks for your support! And happy holidays!

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