Christmas Cookies

Let’s just say I’m stocking up on butter this week. ‘Tis the season for cookies!

Austrian Shortbread Lemon Bars

My house smells sugary and buttery and delicious. I made these Austrian shortbread cookies, but in saving my jam for stock in my shop, I used lemon curd for that middle filling instead. Sort of a deconstructed lemon bar, if you will.

The making of Austrian Shortbread Lemon Bars

I also only used half the dough. I shredded the first half and simply forgot to take the other half out of the freezer. In other words, they came out a little bit… shorter than originally intended. Oh well. Looks like I can make another batch in the very near future; this batch is for the neighbors.

Neighbor gifts 2012

I’ve stumbled across a few collections of cookie recipes that look promising, and thought I would gather them together for all you cookie-lovers here:

Tell me, what cookies are you whipping up this year? Something simple and classic? Or elaborately decorated? Are you enjoying them yourself or giving them away as gifts? Do tell.


One thought on “Christmas Cookies

  1. Lizzie says:

    Those look amazing! The bags that you put them in are really cute, too. I make Butternuts, which are sooo so good. I’m putting the recipe on my blog this weekend! Merry Christmas!

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