Mid-April Garden Tour

Just wanted to take a minute to show you why I am so excited about eating salads. Here’s what’s going on in the garden right now.

ImageLettuces (top) and radishes (middle) and some peas (very bottom right). This is the salad bed.

ImageDoesn’t look like much going on here, but that’s a tray of tomato seedlings and basil starts that are in the final stages of their outdoor-temperature-adjustment training. If you look closely, you’ll see three tomato plants on the left that have boldly already made the jump into the ground.


English garden peas lined up along the fence line, trying my patience.


Is this Swiss Chard? I hope so. It appeared in the right spot to be a volunteer leftover from last fall’s planting. Random.


Herbs in pots: chives, spearmint, peppermint, shy sweet peas, basil, chamomile.


No, not a weed. This is one of two Nanking cherry bushes we planted in the front yard. Delightfully, they were covered in dozens of flowers this spring, just like the cherry trees in our area. Now the leaves have grown in, but the bushes are still babies (hence the protective chicken wire cages). Maybe we’ll get a couple fruits this year?

If we ever move out of this house, I hope the new residents like edible plants!

What spring vegetables are you dreaming about these days? What’s going on in your garden, large or small? Do tell.

One thought on “Mid-April Garden Tour

  1. Carrie says:

    If you ever move out of that house leaving it available, LET ME KNOW!!! 😉

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