Yummy Links

Happy Mother’s Day to all those new and experienced moms out there!

Here’s my momma and me at my wedding.

Mom and Me

Copyright Adam Barnes 2011

Isn’t she stunning?

My momma

And here’s the groovy silk scarf I made for her for Mother’s Day! Surprise, Mom! Hope you like it!

Silk Scarf Painting

And here are a few links to things that caught my attention this week, including a couple mom-themed things:

– In honor of moms and grandmas cooking worldwide, this project is inspiring and yummy.

– Add some chicken, and this paleo creamy crockpot cashew curry looks promising.

Some humbling thoughts about marriage. Especially fitting if you are a fan of The Office and have been tearing up as woefully as I every episode as the series finale approaches, especially along the Jim/Pam storyline. And, well, I suppose it’s also fitting if you are recently (or about-to-be) married.

– So you’ve heard of people talking to their plants. How about plants talking to other plants? Apparently basil is a plant plant whisperer.

– Here’s a nice tutorial for homemade bath salts. An easy way to pamper mom (or yourself).

– I had a blast at my town’s recent arts&crafts festival, and am feeling so inspired by this painter!

Cheers! Have a great week.


3 thoughts on “Yummy Links

  1. Rhimi Elliott says:

    Thank you, sweetie! I love our picture together. Silk scarf? Can’t wait to see it. Love you, Mom

  2. Bethany gail says:

    Is there a tutorial to go along with the scarf? It looks awesome!

    • Jessalyn says:

      Thanks, Bethany! My friend took a couple photos while I was doing it, but no tutorial. Basically, there was a long, scarf-length wooden box filled with a starch/water combo. I dripped acrylic paint (literally, drops – it spreads) into the water, and once all the colors were there, I used a carving tool to swirl the paint blobs into interesting patterns. Since the starch makes the water heavy, the paint just floats on top. Then we gently lowered a plain white silk scarf into the paint water (you need two people to do this) so that it was just floating on the top and able to soak up all the paint. Then we dragged it out of the box, rinsed in cold water twice, and ironed gently once it was dry. Similar to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUCr3PXDHZc Hope this helps!

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