Hey, where did all the food go?
It’s true. The early days of this blog were mostly centered on food. That’s how I got started, after all. Over time, it has evolved to reflect my additional interests including: home improvement, homemaking, growing food, and the antics of our dogs. I still cook, of course, but have been less inspired to share every single thing we eat. So many food bloggers much more talented than I reside on the interwebs; I chose to expand my blogging scope in order to maintain my own  motivation as a writer. I currently aim to post at least once a week on the subject of food amid the smattering of other topics. You can filter post by category by clicking on the label(s) underneath the date of each post.

What’s the “Yum Factor?”
Beginning in January 2011, I started posting ratings on a scale of 1-10 for each recipe I make. 1 being “well, I ate it” and 10 being “this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten ever.” Alex and I will each assign the recipe our own Yum Factor rating, and theoretically, depending on whose tastes your tastebuds (or those for whom you cook) more closely align with, you should be able to predict with some degree of certainty the dishes that you will most enjoy. Originally the measurements were going to be in the number of “m’s” included after yu- so something tolerable might be yummm while something delicious might be yummmmmmm, but that would be annoying. Alex, being endowed with an engineer brain, is permitted to round to the nearest tenth.

If I make and eat your food, will I get fat?
While I am certainly not qualified to make dietary recommendations to you, I will tell you that Alex and I go to a Crossfit gym four times a week. Though we’ve not had any bloodwork done recently, I think we’re quite healthy. We have an “everything in moderation” approach to eating. To the extent possible, the ingredients we buy are organic, raised in a healthy way, and supporting local farmers. We don’t usually snack between meals. We don’t deny ourselves dessert or go on crazy juice diets or cut anything that’s real food out of our diet. We avoid heavily processed or preserved foods that contain ingredients we can’t pronounce without risking a hernia. We don’t drink soda. And, for what it’s worth, we don’t drink coffee (because we don’t like the taste). I can’t claim that what works for us will work for you because every human being is different.

What cookbooks do you recommend?
Well, it really depends what you are looking for.
 Probably my all-around favorite, multi-purpose book suitable for beginners is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I’m obsessed with Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson. And for the more advanced cook who’s ready to experiment, The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dorenburg will be a great source for inspiration.

What kind of camera are you using?
I have retired my old Canon Powershot A520 and am learning how to use our Fujifilm Finepix EXR that we received as a wedding gift. And, you know, sometimes I’m lazy and use my cell phone camera.

How do you decide what to cook?
In a good week, I plan ahead. Read more about my strategy
here or here.

Who cleans up and how do you git ‘er done?
Cleaning up is “officially” Alex’s job after the dinner meal. Jessalyn will help out if there are a lot of prep dishes and utensils that got used in the making of the meal, and she also does the dishes after breakfasts or baking forays. The island is primarily used for food preparation, and Jessalyn likes to give that a good spray and scrub each night. Oh, and Alex is terrified of cleaning the cast iron pans for some reason, so Jessalyn usually cleans those too.

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